Apr 26-28

The perfect brief
is in your hands

24-hour Marketers Challenge + Live Presentation
What is

Your Challenge

Original, engaging creative work starts with a strong brief. This is your chance to go head-to-head against fellow client marketers and produce the perfect brief, before presenting it to the jury who act as an agency to assess your work.

The client – a charity or non-profit organisation – explains the challenge’s objectives before the competition begins. Your team has to be made up of two marketers from a client organisation, and you must produce a brief that answers the charity’s challenge as well as create a product or service based on your own brand knowledge.

The jury will then act as an advertising agency to assess each piece of work. Your team will be judged on the clarity of the brief: the knowledge it displays about the product or service, the client organisation and its aims, and the specific goals of the campaign.

In a five-minute presentation, you will demonstrate your work in English to the jury.

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Apr 04

Warm-up meeting
From Good to Great

Attend the meeting if you want to know how to hack Young Lions competitions. Tips & Tricks from past winners and jury members.
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Apr 19

Deadline for Registrations

Register your team before it is too late.

Apr 26 at 9:00

Briefing Session

Come to get a brief and get answers to all your questions about a challenge and a client organisation.

Apr 28

Live Presentations followed by
Winners Annoncement & Feedback Session

Demonstrate your work in a five-minute to a jury and persuade them how good you are. Then enjoy your success, and discuss (not only) your work.


Winners Camp

Get intensive training and take an active part in workshops helping you become even greater than you are.

Jun 17-25

Cannes Lions

Visit Cannes, enjoy the festival, boost your creativity and fight for a gold medal in the Young Lions world finale.

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How it Works

Find here a couple of useful information helping you better understand the competition.

Entry Fee

The fee is 8.600 CZK (+VAT) per team.



Competition brief focus on charitable, not-for-profit and CSR objectives. All submitted ideas created in the competitions will be made available to the respective charity to incorporate into their marketing campaign.



A brief is revealed to competitors as competition commences during a briefing session. It is presented by a client and a president of a jury.



Each team consists of two young professionals working for client companies that engage the services of advertising and communications companies (i.e. Intel, Coca-Cola). We do not accept advertising agencies to compete in the Young Marketers competition. Freelancers are not eligible to compete in Young Marketers.



All Young Lions taking part in the competitions must be 30 years of age or younger, born on or after 25 June 1986. A good understanding of spoken and written English is essential.


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