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How to HACK Young Lions competitions?

Apr 04, Impact HUB, from 19:30

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This event will help you find all you want/need to know about the Young Lions and better prepare yourself for the competition.

Are you interested in winning the Young Lions competition this year?
Meet former winners and jury members who are going to share their experiences and give you interesting insights, tips and tricks. They want to help you get from Good to Great.

Young Lions 2017 are packed with lots of new things. Get maximum information about them before the others and find the way how to succeed. We will provide information about the new category Marketers.

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Past winners will share their experience from the local competitions and the finale in Cannes. They will provide you with tips & tricks.

Jury members

The jury members will share their recommendations and insights.

Insider’s information

Organisers will be ready to answer all your curious questions concerning competitions, categories, juries, presentations, Cannes, etc.



Check the lineup of those who are willing to help you succeed in the competitions.

co-founder, Liftago

Ondřej Krátký

Young Lions Media winner 2012
Gold medal winner in Cannes in Media 2012
Media jury member 2016

Creative Director, Symbio

Miky Karas

Young Lions Cyber winner 2013
Creative Director & Co-founder, Bistro agency

Pavel Flégl

Young Lions Print & Cyber winner 2010
Cyber jury member 2016

Executive Creative Director, Remembership

Martin Charvát

Young Lions Print jury President 2016
Young Lions Print jury 2012

Illustrator & CG artist

Mayya Khabirova

Young Lions Print winner 2015

Co-Founder & CEO, DigitalBrain

Lukáš Krčil

Young Lions Media winner 2015
marketing, Liftago

Alžběta Matějů

Young Lions Cyber winner 2016

MD & founder, Lionhearted

René Jež

Young Lions Czech Director
multiple juries member

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