Cyber 2014 brief – Linka Bezpečí

14/04/2014 by admin

Create an integrated social media campaign to support Linka bezpečí (Safety Line), which now finds itself in financial trouble because of too little state support. The organization launched the “Linka v bezpečí” campaign (Safety Line is out of danger), separate from its main page (Safety Line doesn’t want to scare children with its financial troubles).

Safety Line has been helping children and adolescents for 20 years. The helpline (+420) 116 111 is a toll-free phone line of crisis intervention services for children and young people (up to 18, students up to 26). It is in operation 24 hours a day and free of charge from landlines and from mobile phones. The younger clients can even use chat or send e-mail if they need a consultation. Safety Line is even more important outside big cities, where there is a lack of opportunities for children to visit psychologists or psychiatrists. This organization may be the only safe way for them to ask for help anonymously.
In 2013, professional consultants managed to speak to a total of 219,941 children. However, due to a lack of state support, Safety Line was forced to reduce its traffic this year, and on average only 526 clients per day can reach the helpline. By contrast during the period 2009–2013, when the line was reached by 669 children a day. On average, access has decreased over 25 %. The public mistakenly believes that the Safety Line is funded by the state. This is only partially true. Safety Line is registered as a social service and requires financial support from the state every year. The state support covers “only” 30 % of the total budget required for its running costs. Private companies (mainly O2, Avast, Era bank) cover 60 % of its costs, 5 % come from European Union funds, 2.5 % from individual donors, and the organization gets 2.5 % from its own activities.

Safety Line “costs”:

  • the running costs for one hour of Safety Line amount to 2 100 CZK,
  • which is 50 400 CZK per day
  • and 18.5 million CZK per year.

We aim to raise awareness of the “Linka v bezpečí” contribution and call social media users to action to donate via the Safety Line Club (www.klublinkyvbezpeci.cz). Safety Line would need to collect at least 5 million CZK to maintain its full traffic. Any DMS messages or financial contribution is highly appreciated.
Individual donors can contribute in several ways:

  • with a direct deposit to the bank account no. 3856680/0300; or
  • via one-time help DMS: “DMS DMS LINKABEZPECI” on the number 87777, or
  • annual payment DMS: “DMS ROK LINKABEZPECI” on 87777.

The price of a DMS is 30 CZK, of which Safety Line receives 28.50 CZK. With an annual DMS, the donor’s amount of 30 CZK is automatically deducted each month.

Active people 25+, social media users. Our experience shows that parents of working age are more ready to donate.

Raise interest of people, create sense of urgency of the problem and collect at least 5 million CZK.

As Safety Line had to reduce its traffic, not all children currently have chance to reach the helpline. Sending a DMS and donating money are two ways how to support Safety Line with the collection of at least 5 million CZK.

200 thousand CZK
Linka bezpečí logo Seznam.cz logo will be an advantage (the company is a key partner of Linka bezpečí)