Cyber 2015 brief – Shutterstock & Isifa

20/04/2015 by admin

Background information
Isifa is a leading supplier of content (photographs, video and music) to the creative community in CZ and SK for 20 years – exactly since April 1995.

Key values it provides are:
• Good content
• Professionalism
• Service

Isifa worked with many big names in the picture world and e.g. cooperated for over 8 years with GettyImages a well-known and big name in the pictureworld. This cooperation ended recently as isifa decided to change partners. Isifa is now newly the official reseller for Shutterstock for CZ, SK, RO, BU and former Yugoslavia.

Shutterstock is the most progressive picture agency globally and have become very well established and probably by now the most popular and most used source of images within the creative community.

The role of a reseller
The role and benefits a reseller/distributor provides are:
Customer support & Service
local language
user support
payment in local currency and invoicing
pay as you go solutions

Personal approach

  • dedicated account
  • human interaction – dialogue between customers and Shutterstock
  • understanding of local market, conditions, possibilities & needs
  • collecting and relaying market and customer feedback to Shutterstock central
  • local voice & advocate for customers in relation to Shutterstock

Individualized solutions

  • licensing and service platform tailored to customers’ needs
  • access to premier content and user platform
    • enterprise solutions
    • access to high-res comping files
    • access to exclusive content – e.g. Premier exclusive, offset

Research services

  • dedicated, experienced researcher to help customers finding and licensing content

Education & Training

  • using the website (most users do not use the website efficiently)
  • licensing (many customers do not use the proper license – exposing therefore their clients to risk)

Local content Support

  • communication with local contributors
  • aggregation and production of local content
  • point of contact for contributors

As a matter of fact isifa is globally the first agency/reseller Shutterstock ever signed up as until now Shutterstock only worked online or via individual sales people in territories where Shuttertsock does not have its own offices.
The Brief
Create an online campaign to raise awareness about the cooperation of isifa and Shutterstock and help us start a constructive dialogue with our customers using social media.

Target Audience
Everybody who needs images, video and music for his work. Predominantly we are a b-to-b business.
Advertising agencies, Digital agencies, Webdesigners
• Art Directors, Creative Directors, Art buyers, Graphic designers in advertising agencies, digital agencies, etc., but also freelancers
• Picture editors in TV, Magazines, Newspapers, On-line media and book publishers
Corporate Customers
• Marketing people in the marketing departments of advertisers – large and small companies
Film/Video producers & post production studios
• Producers, Editors, Directors

Shutterstock is a popular source of images widely used within the creative community, but most users do not use the right license and do not know about many tools and premium products Shutterstock provides.
There has never been a local contact person providing “human contact” between customers in CZ and SK and Shutterstock – you could only reach a call centre.

Campaign objective
Let people know that isifa is now cooperating with their most popular source of content – Shutterstock.
It’s not only about a one-time campaign, but helps us to build a good communication channel for the future.

Key messages
Isifa listened to the “Zeitgeist” and what customers want and so it decided to connect with the most popular, innovative and progressive picture agency in the world – Shutterstock and so bring it closer to its customers.
Shutterstock users now have the local partner. It brings them new opportunities and services.

Tone of voice

Mandatory inclusions
Shutterstock and isifa brand names – key is to let them know about this new connection.

A minimum budget of 250 000 CZK is allocated for this campaign, but if you come up with a good idea, the financial department might be convinced to add some additional funds 😉


Campaign reaches a significant percentage of the target audience – 50% and more.