Media 2013 brief – Transparency International ČR

16/04/2013 by admin

The client

Transparency International ČR (TI) is one of the most influential non-profit and non-government organization in the field of the fight against corruption in the Czech Republic. Our major projects are Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre and watchdog. Actually we are building whistle-blowers’ centre. More on www.transparency.cz.

TI in the Czech Republic is one of the more than 100 national chapters of this international organization around the world. Excellent reputation is the most important thing for organization, which is waging war against bribe and corruption. It is meant, that we cannot accept any gift from a donor without clear reputation. So, we have decided to base our fundraising on individual regular small donors. There are two ways how you can donate. Either by one-off gift or by becoming a member of our TI Club.

What is the Transparency International Club?

  • The TI Club is a group of people–our supporters–who do not remain indifferent when it comes to corruption.
  • The TI Club is a financial source – a tool for obtaining regular financial support streaming from individuals, which is not bounded upon specific and often long-term projects and associated donors.
  • The TI Club provides the opportunity of supporting an international anti- corruption body standing strong over the course of many years with results of efficient handling of various cases striving to improve the situation in the Czech Republic as well.
  • The TI Club facilitates an active approach towards corruption and allows individuals and corporations to actively take part in the fight against corruption by supporting our agenda.

Becoming a member means joining a group of people who do not consider clientelism, corruption and protectionism as the standard and who have decided to express their opinion through the Transparency Club. The Transparency Club was established for everyone who doesn’t want to just keep reading about more and more cases of protectionism, bribery and manipulated public tenders. Through your

membership, you make your position clear while also helping our work. In order to become a member, you have to register and pay a minimum fee for a calendar year. For 2013, it is set to regular monthly payments of 100, – CZK or yearly payment of 1.000, – CZK.Competition Most successful fundraising campaigns are for ill children, animals and famous charity organizations /Paraple, Kuře/. In The Czech Republic are nearly 10 important anti-corruption organizations.

Target audience

More men than women with an interest in economy and politics and affinity to media like Respekt, CT 24 or CT 2. Mostly well-educated, living in bigger cities, working in senior positions associated with higher income (AB in socio-economic classification).

The challenge

To create a communication strategy that encourages people to support our cause (fight of TI against corruption) and become a part of the Transparency International Club or donate via a widget Darujme.cz on www.transprency.cz. To make a gift to TI is quite easy. In the Czech Republic, 95% of people do not like corruption, but they do not believe that they are able to do something with it. It is not true. By supporting TI they can help to change this situation. It is not easy to fight against corruption, but TI is successful e.g.: DPP, former deputy mayor of Praha 2 is indicted, even so Michael Vít, former deputy minister of Health and other. TI knows how to do it. “I can fight against corruption on my own way by supporting TI”.

The Young Lions Media competition doesn’t require teams to become immersed in providing tactical media explanations; but rather to develop an explanation of why the media type/s (touch-points) were selected and how they are intended to be used.

The strategic idea must be demonstrated clearly across the selected channels and the winning team will be the one that creates the most compelling communications strategy to meet the marketing challenge.

The objective We want to persuade at least 500 individual donors to give a minimum 1.000 CZK each, either by joining the TI Club or by donating a one-off gift.


100.000, – CZK


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