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The client
Project “Music in your heart“ is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and TV music channel ÓČKO . Purpose of the project, which is designed for pupils of higher grades of elementary school and high school students, is to offer an alternative approach to teaching music. Despite all the new features in education, the content of music classes is often distant from their real lives, interests and emotions both musical and non-musical. The aim is not to teach music history or theory but to show teenagers that music is in each of them and to make them willing to actively perform music. Music in your heart paves the way to the emotions of adolescents and youth. It does this through the direct participation of pop stars and idols, using the brand and the content of the music TV Óčko, social media and modern technologies for the production and interpretation of music.

Project “Music in your heart” is connecting several stages. Start-up stages lead students, class or school groups to create their own versions of popular songs and present them in social networks. At the end of the project, final concert will be held. The concert will feature popular artists involved in the project together with the most successful performers (judged by numbers of votes/likes) who will be given the opportunity to perform their own versions of songs.

Description of project components
TV show on ÓČKO – short talk show called “Music in your heart” hosted by a star (Ondřej Brzobohatý, Marta Jandová). Guests will be recruited from performers popular with the younger generation. They will talk about how they found their way to music and its active performing. How they felt when they were students and what role music played in their lives at that time. The program will end with a live performance of one of the hits of the guest artist, which will involve also the host of the talk show and his/her audience (consisting of teenagers of the same age as the students).

The educational video program – a derivative of the television talk show “Music in your heart.” The interview part is shortened and edited to basic information while the practise and performance of the songs is extended, so that it may very well serve as the guide for music lessons in schools. The result might be a “professional” presentation of one of the songs performed by the entire class.

Live educational program – another derivative of the TV show, this time a live performance in school premises. School event, during which a moderator will introduce some of the guests and they will perform a live show in front of the television cameras of ÓČKO of course ending with the practice and performance of one of the songs. The program includes a musical performance of some of the pupils / students at the school.
Selfpromotion and reportages broadcasted on ÓČKO

Facebook profile
Created especially for the television talk show, presented by hosts of the show. It will contain live performance of songs from the studio, live performances in schools and of course video songs sent by classes/schools.

Year-round competition ending with a concert of “Music in your heart”
Classes / schools send video songs motivated by the television program, educational programs or school events. Winners will be selected by fans voting. The final show will be held with the help of the host of the show, its guests as well as the winners of the competition.

Target audience
A) Teenagers
Pupils of primary school and secondary school students. Not only as individuals but also as classes, or even better whole schools. They love the world of popular music. They have their idols and hits but most of them are not able to find the courage to make one more step needed to actively perform music. They usually find music classes boring and annoying. We want to ignite their interest in performing the music and let them try it. We want them to find the courage, along with their classmates, even with their music teachers to try to interpret one song of their favourite artist. Even if they can only clap to the rhythm to accompany their classmates.

B) Music class teachers
Not all teachers have to be excited by a “pop” approach and agree with it. Nevertheless, the success and acceptance of the project depends on them. The project should not be seen as an attack on their concept of teaching but as a complement to it. We want to transpose teenage passion in music from just viewing Youtube and reading popular magazines to their music classes.
The project could help the teachers to get higher attention and even active involvement of usually very passive students. They can capture something from the image of pop stars and show the students that they may be even better than the actual stars. Their class or the whole school can also get famous by taking part in the competition and actually winning it.

The challenge
To create a communication strategy that encourages schools to use the project “Music in your heart” in music classes and to actively participate in the project. To transform students’ natural interest in music from passive listening to active performing.
The Young Lions Media competition doesn’t require teams to become immersed in providing tactical media explanations; but rather to develop an explanation of why the media type/s (touch-points) were selected and how they are intended to be used. The strategic idea must be demonstrated clearly across the selected channels and the winning team will be the one that creates the most compelling communications strategy to meet the marketing challenge.

The objective
200 songs performed by students/schools uploaded to project FB page/Youtube channel.

300.000, – CZK Additionally, option to use free of charge following media – ÓČKO (TV, facebook page with 420t fans), information channel of MŠMT in schools, other media of Mafra.

Project name