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The NC is a joint initiative of Nadace Charty 77 and Národní muzeum (the National Museum). Purpose of this project is to create the biggest archive of the „small national history“. We collect memories of everyday life. Some of them might be personal or local but we believe they illustrate our times and that is why it is worth to preserve them.

About the project
The project NC started in May 2012 focusing on seniors associated around the SenSen project (Senzační senioři / Sensational Seniors) encouraging them to share their memories with others. Little by little we try to bring general public in the project and motivate especially younger generation to join the project – for example pupil volunteers or the whole classes or schools.
Anybody who is seriously interested in preserving her or his story can contribute to the Chronicle. We collect texts, pictures, audio and video recordings and even scanned documents. All submissions are published on the NC web www.narodnikronika.cz and stored in the National Museum depository for later use of researchers and the next generation. Almost 500 entries have been saved up to now – starting with fractional memories and finishing with the whole chronicles.

Existing project support
The contest with specific topic is announced every year and the best authors of the most interesting stories are awarded. Past topics were “Army is not mummy”, “How I met TV” or “From typing machine to PC”. New topic is going to be “Weddings”. A winning ceremony is designed to attract media and attention of general public, for example winners of the “How I met TV” topic were awarded in the Czech TV and took a personal part in the Dobré ráno life broadcasting.
In Autumn 2014 we addressed a student of the Open Gate school, young bloggeress Teri Blitzen with cooperation with an idea to record a video for the contest topic „From the typing machine to the PC“. Her YouTube video for the NC reached almost 23 thousand views. Unfortunately it has not increased the number of new entries in the NC.
We continuously communicate the project via SenSen web page www.sensen.cz and The NC web www.narodnikronika.cz the same as via SenSen FB profile.
We cooperate with Slideslive web application that enable to create video from photos and audio https://slideslive.com/narodnikronika.

The Challenge
We want to expand the number of contributors who will deposit their recollections into the NC – not necessarily only theirs but also of their family members, friends or neighbours regardless their age, education, profession or income – what matters is their willingness to recollect and share their stories or listen to some else memories
Potential contributors to the NC should be ideally able to create their submissions and upload them by themselves via web page www.narodnikronika.cz.

Target audience
Anybody, who is willing and capable to share their own or someone else’s memories.

Our objective
Our main objective is to increase the number of stories to 5000 by the end the year. Secondary objective is to encourage people to regularly contribute to the National Chronicle.

Key messages
Also your story is a part of the national history. Small history is composed from personal stories of each of us. Share your story and let your memories become a part of our small history. Anybody can contribute to the biggest national archive of „small history“. Every little story has its value.
Help us to let future researchers to find about how their predecessors lived.

„Tvoříme největší archiv malých dějin. Přispět můžete i Vy!“ (We create the biggest archive of our “small history”. Share your story.)

Based on your recommendation.

The budget is not set. We will approach suitable partners based on your recommendation and try to get their support of the cause.

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Other sources of information
www.narodnikronika.cz – more information about the project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI_S4S53STc – promotional YouTube video for The national chronicle by Teri
Blitzen https://slideslive.com/narodnikronika – web app for video creation.