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24/04/2017 by admin

Spiritual Emergency

Precipitous mental development can result in a condition that resembles a mental illness. But there is a difference.

A psychospiritual crisis (Spiritual Emergency) may occur in the spiritual development context, but other circumstances may also trigger it: the death of a close person, traumatic experience, sexual experience, illness, relationship problems, use of psychoactive substances, loss of employment, the crisis of faith, and many others. It is also possible that this process will proceed without a recognisable cause.

Spiritual emergency is a new concept in Czech psychiatry/psychotherapy field; it is brand new for the general public. But the natural surroundings of the person in crisis –family, friends, colleagues can be the first one to spot the change, to guide the person in need to the right help source, to support the person in his/her exploring and healing process. We want more people in a Spiritual Emergency to get the right, gentle, supportive help in the right time. We want fewer people to be misdiagnosed, not to be stigmatised as mentally ill, unnecessarily hospitalised.



A team of the non-profit organisation Diabasis counts 25 people, mainly psychotherapists, social workers, PR manager and project manager. Our team members are professionals with specialised training in the field of spiritual emergency and non-ordinary states of mind. They do their work mostly on a voluntary basis; their main motivation is to help the clients in a spiritual emergency overcome the crisis in a safe way. Diabasis mission is to create a safe frame, where clients can have abnormal experiences (non-ordinary states) and perceive themselves and to be perceived by others as normal.

In 15 years of joint work, we have built an online helpline, a network of therapists across the Czech Republic, a system of lectures and seminars for the professional and non-professional public. We cooperate with the FFUK Department of Psychology and the Psychiatric Hospital in Bohnice. Our network of therapists works with an average of 120 new clients each year and numbers are growing (179 in 2016). Over the 15 years of Diabasis’ existence, our service has helped almost 2,000 people who, through overcoming the crisis, achieved what we call higher health or a greater personal integrity.

We want to change awareness of and attitude towards spirituality, crisis, non-ordinary states of mind. We want to motivate the audience towards acceptance, tolerance, ability to differentiate when are the “abnormal experiences” normal and when people are crossing the boundaries to pathology which should be taken care of in a different way. We want to educate people about psychedelics. Psychedelics were, are, and will be used by humans. Our activity is to help people who use them, to reduce the possibility of being harmed by their unconscious use.



After we lost a key partner, we are in a deep financial crisis. We have financial sources only for next three months. If we do not find the way how to raise money, we will be forced to stop our services. Instead of further development, we are fighting for survival.

We need to raise new funds to help Diabasis and the team of volunteers and professionals to continue work, broaden the network of professionals along the Czech Republic, bring education to psychiatry and medical faculties.We also want to fulfil our dream to develop a 24hours unit to be able to help more people in a serious emergency.


The primary goal is to raise at least 250t CZK as quickly as possible.

The secondary goal is to find a sustainable way how to raise money continually and repeatedly and get to amount at least 500t CZK yearly.

Key message

The crisis is an opportunity. Having abnormal experiences is normal. Processing such experience brings out parts of us that otherwise would remain hidden. The crisis is dangerous, but when we go through it, we will rise on the other side more complete, more of ourselves.

Target audience

It is up to you who to target.

Our clients are people of all ages, including children with psychospiritual experiences. The main target group is 18-35 – those who are exposed to various stressors while often seeking oneself and hitting their borders.

People who experiment with psychedelics – psychoactive substances.


We would like to launch the campaign ASAP. It is vital for our survival.


We have “zero budget” due to our situation. Very limited resources.

Tone of voice

We do not want to lecture. We want to help strengthen inner world of emotions for those who are interested in it. We explore, expand the context. The campaign cannot and does not want to oppose official psychiatry. We build cooperation for the good of our clients.

Other sources of information



Find logo for download at http://www.diabasis.cz/press-centrum/logo-diabasis/