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13-20 Apr 2018

The national championship for
young professionals in brand communications under 30

Our partners support the development of the young generation of creative professionals and help them to grow in their ability to bring great creative ideas and innovative communication solutions needed for the commercial success of brands in today’s dynamically changing environment.

General Partners
& Supporters

General partner and supporters support connect with all 5 categories of Young Lions competitions. They value creativity, innovation, ambition, and bravery and they really support the idea of young professionals development.

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Media Partner


Online daily about all important in media and marketing communication in the Czech Republic. Special parts are content projects like Národní galerie reklamy, regular evaluation of Czech campaigns Reklamní katovna, morning newsletter and also job offers. The web is published from 2011. We are a part of News Media, which includes Retailek, news focused on retail news, and regular events like AppParade, Marketing obrazem and Digiveletrh.


Partners & Supporters

Partners and supporters support connect with one of 5 categories of Young Lions competitions. They want to show their support of creativity and they want to support category development.

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Main Partner – Media category


At OMD we are dedicated to our clients’ growth. It starts with our unwavering commitment to deliver sharper insights, smarter ideas and stronger results.

At OMD Czech, we strive to bring together innovation, creativity and data-driven solutions to help our clients grow profitably and purposefully.
We take our clients beyond the traditional media boundaries of planning and investment, and deeper into creativity, marketing and technology. We are making media the most important part of marketing.

Discover what inspires the most awarded agency network in the world and how more powerful insights, ideas and results can unlock greater success for your brand.
At OMD Czech, we support growing talent of our young colleagues by our own internal competence and excellence growth programme, already proven by dozens of young colleagues among us in.


Main Partner – PR


ADison is an agency that has always supported young talents and development of PR field. Although we are a young agency founded just a few years ago, it has decided to support YL PR category, because it believes that support of young talents is crucial for further development of PR. We value strategic and creative approach to communication and believe that PR should not only transfer thoughts but also engage people and support better and open relations between organizations and its target audiences. And we are also always hiring, so get in touch!


Main Partner – Digital


We are connecting the skills of the future. Media. Content. Technology. We are FUTURE MAKERS and our aim is to help build brands that pioneer the future, inspire society and move customers to action.
At Wavemaker we are obsessed with the purchase journey and our know-how is based on an unrivalled understanding of how and why people buy different products and services.
We have the advantage of the single largest source of purchase journey insights in the world called WM Momentum, with 350,000 journeys across 35 markets and 65 categories, all connected to dozens of Owned, Earned and Paid channels through WM Touchpoints.
Our strategic content consultancy creates, orchestrates and delivers targeted content marketing programs, specifically made to accelerate and optimise touchpoints throughout the purchase journey.
We want to become the most client-centric agency in the world. Everything we do is judged by how it benefits our clients. That’s why we are not a one-man show but are organised in units around our clients.