Young Lions training programme is a unique learning experience and the excellent opportunity to grow your creative talent.

5-12 Apr 2019 | Impact HUB, Prague | 5 categories | 24-hour challenge

Will you accept the challenge?

From marketers to aspiring creative directors, it’s a competition to suit people from every corner of the communication industry. Create a team and answer a brief set by a non-profit organisation.  It is the perfect opportunity to put your talent in the spotlight.




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24-hour challenge

Young Lions

The most talented and creative professionals go head-to-head and compete against the clock to be crowned the Young Lions champions in 2019.
It takes only 24 hours from a brief to the outcome. Each team has two members from agencies, client organisations or freelancers.
In three categories, teams give a 5-minute presentation to juries. After the winners‘ announcement, Jury members provide feedback to all participants with the aim of stimulating them to think smarter and create better solutions.
Due to its format, Young Lions allow participants to find out a lot about the way they think, react, and behave under pressure.

Digital led campaign


Unleash your digital expertise under pressure and create an integrated digital led campaign.

Product or service creation


Create a product or service based on your own brand knowledge as well as produce a brief that answers the charity’s challenge.

Strategic thinking


Demonstrate your strategic thinking and innovative approaches to solving an important marketing challenge to drive critical business success.

PR campaign


Create an innovative PR Campaign in response to a client brief.

Ad creation


Showcase your creative skills as you compete in teams to produce a stand-out, captivating and unique print ad to a charity’s brief.

What when


We brief all categories in one day, on Friday 05 Apr. After the briefing session of your category, you have 24 hours to deliver your entry.


Warm-up event

07 Feb 2019
at 17:00 (for Marketers)
at 18:30 (for all)

This event is going to help you better prepare for the competitions. Former winners and jury members will share their experiences and give you some tips and tricks on how to increase your chance actually to win.


05-12 Apr 2019

The main event. The challenge that will make you work under pressure in a team and give the effort of doing the best you are capable of. It will show you how good you are and help you get better.

Winners Camp

24-26 May 2019

Not only 1st place winners but also 2nd and 3rd place winners will have a chance to be trained in this camp focused on creative and critical thinking and skills development.

Inspirational Report

Aug 2019

This (e)book will be full of inspiration for young professionals. It will review 2019, give credit to winners, show how it works in Cannes, provide tips & tricks for the competition, creativity and career development.

From Good to Great

Learning Experience

We have created the development platform for future stars. We bring unique experience supporting professional & personal development. We cultivate both creative and critical thinking via Feedback sessions.

01. Creative thinking

Find the way how to come up with the most creative and innovative ideas.

02. Working under pressure

You have only 24-hour for the creation of something extraordinary. Time is running; a clock is ticking. Learn to control your stress level.

03. Co-operation

You and your partner in the team have to find the way how to communicate clearly, come to an agreement, be productive and work efficiently.

04. Decision making

There are no clients, no your directors, only you and your partner. You judge your concepts and ideas; you select direction of your work, you make the decision.

Those who help us

Our Partners
& Supporters

Our partners support the development of the young generation of creative professionals and help them to grow in their ability to bring great creative ideas and innovative communication solutions needed for the commercial success of brands in today’s dynamically changing environment.

If you want to find out more about all our partners, not only general ones, go to the Partners page of to individual categories where you can find our category partners and supporters.



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More and more teams

Growing Platform

Each year, we grow the number of teams taking part in this unique learning experience. We have created the platform that helps grow and accelerates career development of talented young creative professionals in the brand communications industry.

2017: 81 teams

2016: 85 teams

2015: 80 teams

2014: 74 teams

2013: 63 teams

* Chart shows year by year number of teams competing